Sunday, July 30, 2017

Week 38


I have had a really really really crazy week, and an even crazier 24hrs!!!

So this past week I have been doing a lot of preparing for The big move to the Modesto CA Mission. I have been practice teaching to the secretaries here at the office, I have been attending physical therapy, staying off my feet, seeing new doctors and.............. I found out that I have Plantar Fasciitis! WOW! Yup. Google it. Anyway this here Plantar Fasciitis comes about from over walking and over walking on injuries that are trying to heal. =/ EEEK! 

Lets change gears here for a min. Pres. Pereira bought us secretaries(and me the one Staff member) Pizza the other night for getting a ton of work finished. The pizza was great!!! Only my body didn´t agree and I spent most of the night kneeling next to my uncle John throwing up!! That was fun!

Now, you are all probably wondering what the Crazy 24hrs part at the beginning of this weeks update means. Well, in my mission there is a city called "Foz do Iguaçu" which is home to a nat. park and one of the 7 wonders of the world! The falls of Foz do Iguaçu!!!!! In my time here in Brasil, I had not had a chance to go see this awesome place. Last night at 10:40 We received a phone call from my mission pres. who was in Foz(as we all call the city) for a Zone Conference. He said "Elder Johnson, Before you leave the mission I want you to see the Falls! You have a bus that is leaving Londrina for Foz in 20 min! Pack a few things for the week and be on that bus for Foz in 20 min!!" WOW!! ONLY 20 MIN TO PACK, GET A TAXI TO THE BUS STATION, BUY A TICKET, AND GET ON THE LAST BUS OF THE DAY HEADED TO FOZ DO IGUAÇU!!! 

Everyone was so excited for me!! None of the elders in the office had ever been to Foz and when I found that I did not have enough money to get to Foz, the 3 of them helped me pay! What true brothers!

Anyway, after a 7hr non stop bus ride, I arrived in Foz! My good old friend Elder Mortensen was there with his comp and they took me to the waterfalls!!!! They were Wonderful! Sadly I do not have enough time to continue writing and I have to now go. But google them, look at the few photos I have of them, a
nd I will finish my story this next weekend when I arrive home in Londrina!! 
Love you all!!

--Elder Johnson =) 
PS-- I stood in one place and looked into 3 countries!! Brasil, Argentina, and Paraguay!!

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