Sunday, July 23, 2017

Week 37

This week has been more then a little long and more than a little crazy! First things first------------------I HAD MY 20TH BIRTH DAY!!!!! HOLY COW AM I OLD!!!!!!!!! The world was supposed to end the night before my 20th Birthday!!! Sadly it didn´t, and I am now 20 years of age. This morning as I was trimming the hair around my ears I found a big long silver hair growing in a nice little curl behind my right ear!!! Not only that, but I think I am also starting to go bald!!!! I am losing hair at such a rapid rate all of a sudden that I think I will probably be 100% bald before my head has time to become silver!!!! At the rate that my hair is falling out(huge clumps at a time), I will probably out bald my balding Dad, in fact I think I might out bald my 2 balding Grandfathers!!!!!!😵👴 (j/k,j/k just feeling old)
My Birthday just happened to be on Tuesday, and District meeting just so happens to be on Tuesday. Oh and not only that but since our zone is a little on the smaller side, the whole zone meets in the same building at the same time. =) After the meetings my whole awesome zone sang the Happy birthday song in Portuguese a few times, and then we ate some awesome cookies made by an American sister and then ate some pretty good cake by a Brazilian elder. Later that night Elder Pena (the new slacker missionary) Bought a pizza and the 3 of us played a board game called "WAR"(also known as "Risk" in the states). In the end it was an awesome 20th birthday. 

The next day was a long stressful, but at the same time a very exciting day! We received a phone call from my awesome mission President saying that Elder Ostlund was being transferred off to a new area up in the northern part of the mission, and I was off to spend my last 2 weeks in Brasil in the office as part of the mission STAFF! In about 2 hrs. Elder Ostlund and I packed all our belongings and got a taxi to the mission office in Cento Londrina! Pena picked up his new comp. and headed back to Ala vivi(my area, or the place that was my area). Ostlund and I then headed over to the secretary's home(the nicest home in the mission next the the house of the presedente) and after spending the night Ostlund headed over to his new area. 

Now y'all are probably wondering what I do now that I am part of the STAFF. If you guessed sit at a computer in the office all day, you guessed right. My New comp. is Elder Machado the Fin. Secratary, and being his comp. here in the office means that I help him with all the back up work. I have had a lot of fun this week and have been learning a lot. Most of what I have done is going through the mission data and printing off light bills, and water bills, and all that happy jazz. One of the secretaries told me that he was sorry that I had to do all the boring work that no one wanted. I told him that I didn´t think that it was boring and that I was loving it. I mean come on, any work that I can do here that helps the mission out beats sitting at home. 

Since I can't walk(doctors orders) I get to use the Missions wheelchair. It has been really nice. It makes it so I can go to lunch at a members house or go teach a lesson!
 I taught most of the first lesson yesterday to a sister who is more than ready to be baptized and was asking to be baptized by the end of the lesson. So when I teach I like to be the one that teaches the first vision. Alot of missionaries around feel like the first vision might scare the investigator away from baptism and they either read through or talk about that part really fast or don´t even teach the part of the lesson that talks about the first vision. when it comes to the part of the lesson where we teach about the first vision I like to read the experience of Joseph Smith from the pamphlet.

 Anyway, let me tell you all about the lesson when we got to that part yesterday. We got to teach the first lesson to Irama(that means sister), to Irama Uiara Cici.  Say it like this --- > ( Oo-ee-aw-daw  kee-kee). She is an older lady that has been attending our church for the past 4 weeks, and she loves it. The cool thing about her is that she has been "searching for a church of love", and she said that the first time she walked into the doors of our church she felt as if her heart was swelling and could feel an immense amount of love. The best part is that by the end of her first Sunday of church she knew that this was the right church! She said that she had felt great love from the members, and that more than anything wanted to have a part of that love that they all shared.

 So after church we met up with the between 80-90 year old that first invited her to church and had given her a book of mormon, and Uiara Cici and went and taught her the first lesson. She had a lot of really good questions and was very good about answering questions and the lesson had a few really good discussions.

 It was really cool when my comp said that I was going to read the experience of Joseph Smith. Everyone turned their attention to me and the room got very quiet. It seemed as if the busy street next to the church ran out of traffic for a few min. As I read the words of Joseph Smith in Portuguese the spirit became very strong. The moment that I read the last words the spirit was so strong that I had a hard time speaking without crying. There were a few moments of silence where no one could speak, and the spirit testified with great power. It was so cool! It was really powerful!! After the lesson, Irama Uiara Cici said that she knew that this was the true church and desired bap! We are going to teach her more this coming Wednesday!

 This fine morning we had a Zone P-day event!!!! It was really fun. As I said earlier I get to use this awesome wheelchair for my feet. Several of the missionaries pushed me around as we played basketball(I made a few hoops from the chair), I was the ref as the Zone played volley ball(there were a few heated moments where the 2 teams were each pretty sure they were supposed to receive the point, and in the end everyone was happy because I had made the final decision) =) we then played brazilian Uno, and another really fun brazilian game that is a little too complicated to explain by email. 

The Zone P-day was supposed to be from 8 am to 5pm, but when presidente Pereira pulled into the parking lot at noon, all the missionaries that are scared of pres for one reason or another(usually because they are slackers) they all left for "lunch". In the end it was the secretaries, myself, Sister Hubbered and her comp. Kind of sad eh? That is why you follow your presedentes rules and become his friend and not break the rules and become scared to stand in his presence. It is sickening to me. Tomorrow we have Zone Confrance! That is exciting and I am very excited.

Well love you all and thanks as always for the prayers!!

American Missionaries sang the Star Spangled Banner on 4th of July

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