Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 34


A Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother this coming 27th of June!!! This week has been a very long but mostly gooooooood week!

 Monday was Transfers and on Tuesday Elder Ostlund and I received a new comp. Yup, we are in a trio now, and it has been GREAT! Our new comp. is Elder F. Perez from México. He is awesome! The reason for the trio is because I have been having trouble with my feet and have not been able to work for about 5 weeks. My comp Elder Ostlund along with myself have been going crazy being at home all day and having that burning desire to get out of the house and work. So the Lord put us into a trio and for 2 days out of this last week, my 2 comps worked the area and I helped out at the mission office.

  Oh, I can´t tell you how good it felt working and doing something again!!! I have been wanting to help the mission and the church in one way or another for weeks. I Organized the supply closet, unpacked mission supplies that had just come in from Salt Lake(Including conference editions that just arrived). 

 I got permission to take a few conference editions home (one in Portuguese and one in English) and since us missionaries in Brasil didn´t get to see the priesthood session My comps and I decided to read talks from that session. I was still looking to a talk to read when my comp told me to read a talk from Elder Bednar. I read it and it comforted me. I have been struggling with doubts and fears for the past week after being told that I might be sent to a new mission. The word of Elder Bednar calmed my soul and I am ready and prepared for anything that happens. 

The shoes that my awesome family sent to me are currently being held for ransom by the Brasilian Police. Man do I love the Police of Brasil right now. My shoes are being held at a price that shocked my president. He has been doing all that he can to get the shoes for me without paying. If it comes to it the money will be paid to the greedy police.

Love you all!! Keep the faith!!! Bring someone to church, or go to church yourself (we want you and love you)!!!

 Remember "Com Sua Força Podemos Fazer Todas as Coisas!"

Love you all!!

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