Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 33

Howdy All!!

I am happy to report that I am finally over my week and a half long struggle with food poisoning! On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference, at that time I was still suffering from stomach pains and many visits to fire an AK-47 with my Uncle John (painful toilet visits). I had a break on Wednesday from all sickness and thought that my trouble was over. Well towards the end of the day my head really started hurting and I got really lightheaded. That evening I took my temperature and found that my good friend "Mr. Fever" was back. It was only 99.3. Thursday it climbed to a nice 100.5, and Friday I hit 101.8! Saturday I came back down to 99.3 and on Sunday I was well enough to go to church. 

  I am very grateful for the members of the church in this area. Upon hearing that we both were sick and then later that I was having a harder time recovering, many members came to our aid and did their best to help us out and make us comfortable. Friday and Saturday were very crazy days for us. Suddenly Tons of members started coming to the house and asking how we were and wanting to help us. With each member that came over (most of the ward I think. Due to the fact that they can´t help but love the missionaries in their ward right now 😎) they brought a ton of food!! Some members brought bags of food they had just bought!!! Such a blessing!!

 We have been running very low on food since we had to use all our money on a few taxies to the doctor. We had since been praying for ways to find enough money or food to last until June 15th, the day that we receive more money. The thing is, now we have so much food in the house that we have no more room in the fridge and all the cupboards and tables are full of food. We are so very grateful.

  Here in Brasil it is just starting to get cold.Winter is finally kicking in. I never thought it could get this cold here. At this moment my hands are cramping and stiff from the cold. It has been really cold at night. If you look up pictures of Londrina Brasil you will see that all the buildings (both ugly and pretty) are built out of this red clay brick. That red clay brick is the only thing between the outside cold and what warmth you are able to gather under the blanket with wool socks and jacket.

 Don´t worry I will live. I am not about to wimp out after all the crazy adventures I have been on with my family over the years. I mean I have had times in my life where my fingers are so frozen that it is almost impossible to untie my snow boots!

  In the past few weeks as I have been studying, one key word keeps popping up.
 Fé or Faith. To tell the Truth, Faith has always been one of my favorite gospel topics and principle. As I have been studying I have found myself in the direction of studying Faith. In the past few weeks I have been receiving emails and letters and in one way or another, they all mention or teach of Faith! I notice more and more how much the scriptures talk about faith and I have started marking the word faith every time I come across it in my studies.

 One of the key truths that I keep coming across is that "Faith is Power', and that it is only by Faith that we can do or learn anything. As many of you know one of my favorite scriptures and the scripture that is on my mission plaque is Alma 26:12. The part of that scripture that I love the most is where it says that "By the strength of the Lord we can do all things". 

To me what that scripture now means is "By the strength of the Lord, and our faith, We can do all things".  Remember, Faith is an Action word! And that it is only after all that we can do that the Lord will step in and fill the rest. It opens my eyes more to how I can go forward in more of God's strength. 

I love you all! Thank you all for your prayers! Remember that it is by Faith in the Lord Jesus Cristo, and his Strength that you can do all things!!

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