Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 26

Howdy all!!! I hit my ¨6 month mark this last Tuesday!!!
It has been a fast but full week!!! 

Last Sunday I made cinnamon rolls and took them to my district meeting! That was a great idea :/ Yes they were awesome and everyone loved them, but afterward they all asked that I bring them to the next district meeting (that is tomorrow) and last night my district leader called and told me that they are all expecting cinnamon rolls. I will try to make them later today.

  My comp and I once again had the opportunity to help bring someone into the waters of baptism this last Sunday. Little Reverson Jr. (sounds like heverson). Reverson is a normal little 8 year old kid, but his bap was not normal. His Bap was scheduled for sat. at 7pm. He got into the water with his father, and for the next 2 hrs they were in the water together. Poor little Reverson was horrified to put his head under the water. Over and over and over again they said the prayer. It was soon too late to continue. The next day (Sunday) we figured out how to get the font to fill with hot water! After church we once more tried to have him baptized. Even with the water warm he was still horrified to put his head under the water. After over an hr of trying, his father picked him up and cradled him in his arms, and talked with him for a long time. The father then holding little Reverson, said the prayer and they both went completely under the water.

The work in this area is awesome! We have struggled a little bit to get the members to help us due to some troubles. With the few members that have been helping and supporting us we have received a ton of referrals and have a lot of progressing investigators! We have baptism dates set for the next 2 weekends!

This week I went on divisions with the district leader's comp. My district leader is from Argentina and speaks Spanish and went with my comp to help teach an investigator from Argentina who only speaks Spanish. Well cool fact, the district leader's area is where I was for my first 4 weeks of the mission field. So I got to go walk the streets of my first area and sleep in the same bed that I slept in when I was born into this wonderful mission!

Love you all so much! Thank you for the prayers, I can feel myself strengthened by them! So sorry for the short dry message, I will do better next week.

Love you all!!!

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  1. That poor little man, so many hours in the water!