Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 25

Howdy All!!!

Tell me how this sounds! Carrots, orange, lime, mango, spinach, strawberries yogurt, and bananas all blended up in a smoothie! Sound good? Believe it or not, it is pretty good. I have lived off of pretty much a ton of fruit and veggie smoothies along with some good egg omelets for breakfast, and last night I made some awesome cinnamon rolls for my district meeting tomorrow!! 

Life is great here in Londrina, the work is going awesome and we had a baptism yesterday!! We have another one planned for this coming Sunday as well. The work is going great! The members are really helping us out. A week ago we had a baptism that was the first the ward had had in about 5 months! We have baptism dates set for every Sunday for the next 3 Sundays!!!

 Well, Exactly 6 months ago today I left my a beautiful home in the United States of America. Tomorrow will be exactly 6 months in Brazil! In that time I have learned Portuguese, have walked a ton, taught a ton, had very little sleep and not much food, and have been privileged to baptize 14 wonderful people!!! 

I got a really scary video of something this week!!!!! Any clue what it might be?!!! I gave myself a haircut using R$2 scissors and my blue comb!!!! It was either spend money on some lunch food and cut my own hair or go hungry for 1 day and spend R$20 on a haircut. To tell you the truth it turned out pretty good! I think it looks good! well good for really cheap scissors and a mirror. Look closely at the pictures of me and my comp with the awesome cinny rolls I made last night and tell me if my hair is any good! 
Love you all, I promise I will have a longer letter next week!

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  1. Your haircut looks great and so do those cinnamon rolls!! Way to go Spencer!