Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 24

Talk about a Looooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg week!

It feels like this last week has been the longest in the mission!
I sadly can´t send pictures this week because the computer doesn't have an input for an SD card and I don´t have the correct cables to hook up to the computer. =(

So on Monday I was transferred here to Vivi Xavier. I was surprised when I was notified that I was riding first class on a bus that would only take 1 1/2 hrs from Maringá to Londrina instead of the normal multi hr trip. Man I tell you my seat was like a couch that turned into a bed!!!!

I miss Campo Mourão a ton and for the first few days I was pretty Campo Mourão sick.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to baptize 14 year old young woman who had been going to church and begging her parents for permission to be baptized for 4 months. I have never seen someone so happy to be baptized in my life.
Well I have got to go, sorry the letter is so dry and short. I am off to go buy 3 pineapples for $R10!

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