Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 22

Howdy All!! 

This is Elder Johnson in Campo Mourão Brazil!!!

Not sure if I will be able to email next week cause of the fact that transfers are next Monday!
Exciting and scary!! This last week has been a long week and I haven´t been able to teach as much as I was hoping for. Due to some money issues I was stuck in another area 2 hrs away from my area with a missionary(not my comp) who liked to sleep all day. >(

Let me tell you all about this last Tuesday. Tuesday was a good day and a bad day and a super embarrassing day. This is how it went down. We had our district meeting in my area and afterwards the 6 of us in my district went to a member's house for lunch. Irama Luiz (I am not kidding she has got to be between 3 1/2 and 4 feet tall) made us an awesome meal. I have rice every day here but her rice was awesome. She had steamed veggies in the rice which is a rare treat (to me at least, the other elders hated the veggies). This is where theembarrassingg part comes in.

 I was stuffed. I was to the popping point. I had had a few plates of the awesome rare rice and the even rarer huge green salad! She (like all the awesome members here) said "come mais Elder" this is where you say that you are satisfied and thank them for the food. Right before I answered her my comp. said "Elder remember the word that I taught you before lunch that is more polite." I said ok and said the following, "Irama, eu esto gravida." She stopped and just gave me a weird look for a moment and said "que?" I said "Irama, eu esto gravida. Muito brigato por seua comeda." At the moment I was not sure what I had said wrong and she acted upset and mumbled something as she walked over to me and put the rest of the meat and rice on my plate and told me to eat every bite.

I was flabbergasted! I was already stuffed to my popping point, and all I had said was that I was very grateful for her awesome food (or so I thought). The 5 other Elders were dying and she was upset. I was so shocked and tried to eat all the food. To tell you the truth I dont think that I have ever eaten that much food in my life. The elders soon stopped laughing at me after she did some snapping at them. After a few minutes my comp told me that he was sorry and that he really felt bad and as soon as we left  he would tell me what I had said. At that moment I totaly thought I could feel my stomach tearing inside of me. The other elders felt bad for me and when Irama Luiz walked out of the room for a minute all the elders quickly took the rest of my food and put it onto their plates and ate it.

 A little later when we left my comp. told me that I had told her that I was Pregnant!!!! Man I love my comp! This is not the first time that he has told me a word that means something weird to tell the members at lunch.

An Elder gave me a haircut. Not the best haircut I have ever received, in fact it is the worst. I will let it grow out for a few weeks before I send pictures. All I will say is that I look a little on the gay side.

Love you all,

           Missão Brasil Londrina

       Rua Belo Horizonte, 1236 - Centro
         Londrina / PR Cep: 86020-060


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  1. Oh, Elder we love you so! This is a common trick played on new elders. I'm sorry you had to eat so much, but at least it was yummy! We sure love hearing of your adventures, and want you to know that Bro Alexander is retiring from teaching this June, and we intend to visit your family. We miss you all so much, and are so proud of you serving in Brazil! Love forever! Susan