Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 21

Howdy all!!! 

This is Elder Johnson in Campo Mourão, Brazil!

Good news!!!!! It is finally Fall!!!!! We have had some really nice days! I am not sure what the temperature has been like but it feels like it is in the mid 70´s with really low humidity!!! Man talk about crazy. One day it is smoken hot and humid and the last few days have been perfect fall days with beautiful temperatures. Brazil dosen´t like to slowly blend one season into another. It likes to be smoking hot one day with nights so hot and sticky humid that you cant sleep, and then the next day perfect temperatures but with nights so cold that you can't get warm. 

  Work has been slow this week. We didn´t teach a single lesson, but did a ton of walking. We traveled to Maringá this week for a zone confrence. It was a zone/health conference and we were in the conference for 10 hrs Minus 1 1/2 for lunch.

On Friday Elder Zambrano and his comp Elder King had a baptism! This transfer has been really slow. Satan is really working hard. We only had 1 person at church this last Sunday. Only 1 more week of the transfer!!! Time is flying by.

Elders King and Zambrano(the one baptizing) baptized a 19 year old named Lenardo who is on fire. We have all been able to help teach him at one time or another and they were always awesome lessons. This guy is really smart and there was always an amazing spirit when we were teaching him lessons (I participated in 2 lessons)

                                                                                           Elder King and I

Elder Mortensen (stepmother) and I

This made my day!

The best food I have had in a very long time!

My brother and best friend Elder Zambrano and me sitting on a bus on our way to Maringá  

My 3 best friends(from left to right) Elder King(Las Vegas) Elder Monteiro(São Paulo) Elder Zambrano(1hr south of LA) 

Me (the only good looking Elder)

Played Portuguese Monopoly this week and I won!!

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