Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 20

What a week!!! I tell you, this week has been a week of miracles and extremely hard work. 

William is a 10 year old boy with long hair. He has a little 7 year old toothpick of a sister named Carolina(sounds like catalina). He doesn't have a dad and his mom has been in jail for the past 6 weeks for drug trafficking. About a month ago we got information from his grandma to baptize him, and he wanted to be baptized really bad. Every week for the past few weeks he has been sent to grandpa's farm far away from the city to live with him for the weekend. We usually baptize on Saturday so that really messed things up. OnTuesday before leaving the house we prayed that when we went to the poor area that he lived that we would be able to find him and find a good day to baptize him. When we arrived we found him and were able to set the baptism up for Thursday!! On thursday we walked to pick him up and got a phone call saying that the member who was going to give a ride to William couldn´t come. After a ton of phone calls we ended up having to walk to the church with William and a few of his friends(all baptized a few weeks ago) With slow kids the normally 45min speed walk took a little more than 3 hours!!!!! In the end he was baptized!!! So that has a happy ending!!!

I am not very excited for this week. Tomorrow we have to travel north 2 hours to a city calleed Maring√° for a health/zone conference. We will be there for most of the week which means we won't be able to work with our investigators.

We are currently working with 2 families. One is a family of 5 bap. aged people and the other is a husband and wife with a little kid. Man I tell you, finding people who are married or are willing to get married is the hardset thing in the world. We have taught tons of lessons and have had some very excited people that want to be baptized. But then you tell them that they have to be married first, and they say they no longer have a interest in the church. :( 

Come on people!!! You feel the spirit, you believe what we teach you and you want to get baptized!!! But the moment we bring up that you have to get married you say," I have to get married?" Yes person you need to be married, "oh, thanks for your time but salvation doesn't matter very much to us." As you can probably tell the parents didn´t want to get married therefore couldn´t get baptized, but they still wanted their kids to get baptized and encourage there kids to go to church each week. If we can´t help bring salvation to the adults, at least we are able to help the souls of a few kids and teens.

Well I have got to be going my fine friends and family!
P-day comes way stinken too fast here on the mission, so it wont be long untill you hear from me again! =)

Here are some photos of my area and the baptism!

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