Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 19

HOWDY ALL!!!!!!!

This past week has been really hard. We worked really hard this week, and there were many nights that I fell asleep so fast that I don´t even remember getting into bed! The other night I found myself dozing off as I was writing in my journal.

 Our mission has a goal of 260 baptism this transfer. Each zone has a goal of 50. My comp got a phone call from President saying that we have had the greatest success out of all the missionaries last transfer with 10 baptisms. He told my comp that at this moment that Elder Moneiro and I are the pillar of the mission. He said that we are in the zone that has the hardest time baptizing and that we are in what is considered a hard area. He said that this next transfer we need to set an example to the rest of the mission by once again leading the mission with baptisms. We have 4 weeks of the transfer left and no success. Hey don´t worry! No pressure!

 After a ton of hard work and a long week Sunday rolled around. We had 10 investigators that were all excited to come to church. This is where Satan steps in and God tests our faith. We were on the doorstep of a family of 6, 5 are baptismal aged. A member waited just outside in his car to help take them to church. They were almost ready to go when we were hit with a wonderful Brazilian downpour, it was one of the hard rains that left the streets flooding in just a few min! The moment it started to rain someone came up to the house and told the father that his brother had just died from over drinking and drug use. That did it. The family didn´t come to church. We arrived at the church about 1/2 hr later 100% soaked and a little discouraged. The rest of our investigators didn´t come because of the rain. Even with a member sitting just out their doors with a car and they were already dressed and ready to go they said no because of the rain.

 Fasting on a mission is one of the hardest things I think there is on a mission some times. But I tell you, when we fast I can see and feel the blessings being poured out onto us. Just after finishing our fast yesterday I saw miracles come to pass. I have been really sore and tired because of all our work last week. My feet were really hurting, they were hurting more then they have in a long time. My feet hurt to the point that at times I was more hobbling than walking. As I went in to lunch with some members (we eat and fast lunch to lunch here) I was hurting and hobbling, by the end of lunch and after my prayer to end my fast I had 0 pain in my feet. It has been about 24hr and at this moment I have 0 pain and can walk at full missionary walking speed!!

  I would like to thank all of you for your fasting and prayers to us missionaries. We can see and feel the blessings. I know you probably do but please pray for our investigators. Each day we go out armed in the strength of the Lord and we battle with Satan and his angels. As I am out here in the streets of Brazil I can feel the power of all your prayers and fasting.

 Thanks to all!! I love miss and pray for all of you!

A little experiement with Lindsey's french bread recipe and cinnamon and sugar

If you want to feel the spirit leave walk into this baby. (look up the big church in Cianorte Brazil)

           Missão Brasil Londrina

       Rua Belo Horizonte, 1236 - Centro
         Londrina / PR Cep: 86020-060

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