Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 18

Howdy All!!!

This is Elder Johnson. I am way down south where you would think it would be colder since we are so close to the south pole, but there is not one bit of cold. I am in a land of hot humid and sticky!

 It feels normal now, to have your clothes sticking to your legs and arms, to have the color of your shirt brown from sweat and dirt at the end of the day, to walk a ton of miles a day for long hrs, to live off of usually one meal a day(lunch with the members), to arrive home so tired that the moment you lay down in bed you are out cold, to see parrots flying in the air, to have a cockroach run across your body as you lie in bed, to pick a mango, banana, or guava fruit off a tree and eat it while you work, to eat the only food the poor member has to offer like chicken hearts and coca-cola, to feel like crying when your best friend opens a box from home takes out a big tub of Jiff Peanut Butter and offers you a spoon full, to be dry one moment and to be completely soaked in a Brazilian downpour the next, to be scoffed at by Catholics or made fun of for limping a little for what the person calls a lost cause to walk for, to be hurting and tired but happy at a baptism, to bring people to church and see their lives change.

 To arm myself each day and see the Spirit defeat the Devil day after day time after time, to work hand in hand with the members and the spirit to turn this branch into a ward and this district into a branch, to feel the prayers of friends and family strengthening you. To feel at peace in your heart when you learn of something tragic that happened in your ward at home with your friends, to know that you are here for the right reason, to know that whatever happens it is the Lords will for you and your friends and family, to know that you represent the Lord and will have his help and protection, to know that if you are rejected and made fun of not to worry because you are trying your best and in the end it will all be alright, and to know that you are helping bring about the greatest work in the history of the world!!!!!!

 On Sunday my comp and I divided up, he went with the branch pres to visit some people and I went with the first counselor to visit some people. What an awesome experience. None of the people that we went to visit were home so we drove around town and put the books that the older people study(anyone older than 18)the ones about the prophets, and put them at the bus stops around town. This member(I forget his name) is a perfect example of what it means to be a member missionary. 

See when all our appointments fell through we were driving towards the church when he stopped the car got out went to the trunk and got a huge pile of the books about the prophets that were old and the church was planning on throwing away, and brought them into the front seat where we put the name of the church and how to get there on the first page and then dropped all the books off on all the bus stops.
 I got a picture of what he did next. We went to the church and made these:

The living Christ, Proclamation to the family, and the articles of faith. He said that it is a lot easier to walk up to friend and give them this then go up with a book of Mormon and give it to them. He said that he will give these to a few of his friends and then ask if the missionaries can come over later and talk to them. Usually, they say yes and we get a new investigator.

This guy to me shows what it really means to be a member missionary. I told him that I loved what he was doing and he said to me, "Elder, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. I am a member missionary!"
I challenge you all to be a member missionary this week! Invite, and if possible bring someone to church! Do as this member does and carry a few cards of Christ with the articles of faith on the back, and when a friend asks you a question give him a card and explain and invite!

I love you all! Thank you for your prayers and get out there and be member missionaries!!

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       Rua Belo Horizonte, 1236 - Centro
         Londrina / PR Cep: 86020-060

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