Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week 16

Oh my goodness, since I have been on my mission my testimony of member missionary work has become soo strong. Man the members here truly know the meaning of being latter day saints. Each week members bring friends to church and newly baptized people are so welcomed and helped out. The people here want their 3 branches to become 5 wards so they can become a stake. With how they are working together with the missionaries it will not be very long until that happens.

 Every one at home please help the missionaries in your area. You have no idea how much it helps us when you bring people to church. If you bring people to church then we don't have to spend our whole day walking around doing contacts. We are able to go directly to those who want to learn and grow. It is hard to ask someone to church, believe me I know. But the worse thing that can happen is that the person will say no.

Since we don't have much time for emails, missionaries around here make a few videos 
on p-day they send them and chat with family. 

 Camera finally arrived!!! So here is the weekly report, and lots of pictures!!

Weekly Report for the family

                                                        Service Project- Lots of dirt and blisters!

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