Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 15

Have you ever walked the streets of Brazil wondering if you felt like Jesus felt when he was with the Nephite children?  I think I felt a little bit of that!

My comp and I fasted last P-day for our area. There are 2 branches here that really want to become wards. All the missionaries and church leaders in the area fasted last Monday, and soon after crazy cool things started to happen.

 On Tues. we went to an area that the branch president said to work. We met a 12 year old boy named Joã Vitor. We taught him the first lesson and then went and taught his family. The next day we came back and his parents said they didn´t want to get married but that we could keep teaching their son. The next day when we came to teach him we found him with a group of friends sitting under a tree playing games. That is where things started getting crazy! We came to the same spot every day after that and taught the group of kids the lessons. They are all really good and are really smart. We got permission to take all of the kids to church. Of all the 14 kids 10 came to church!!!!

My comp and I have been working reallllllllly hard! This week we were all over our area teaching and in all did 73 lessons!!!!

 Love you all. I am out of time.


-- Elder Spencer Johnson  =)

A cool link to check out:

All the kids who came to church

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  1. I really enjoy your messages. Thanks for including me on your list.

    Great work with the kids. Keep praying; some of their parents will be interested, too.