Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 9 My Week

Monday, December 26, 2016

I guess you could call this an eventful week. Overall it has been a pretty long boring week.
This week consisted of a lot of visits to Londrina.I have been having some trouble with my comp. not keeping rules and not training me and I asked to talk with the pres. In the end of all that talking, it was decided that I would be transferred. In 2 hrs from now, I will be leaving by bus to go to a tiny town 5 1/2 hrs south of here. 

On the day before Christmas Eve there was a mission Christmas party. It was awesome!!!!
My mission pres is a nut. He is so funny! At the end of some talks and an awesome lunch he pretended to be Pai Natal and passed out presents to each off the missionaries one by one. He acted like he was really old and couldn't walk. He died a few times and the ap´s revived him. He handed presents out one by one for about 3 hrs. All of the presents were some kind of house cleaning house supply. It got really funny and everyone wasdyingg the whole time.

I promise next week will be more interesting.

-- Elder Spencer Johnson  =)

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