Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 14

Oh what a crazy week! I was going to do this weeks email Dr. Seuss style........ but don't have time.
I think I will start by talking about today. Let´s see...... Woke up at 6:30(boring) did pushups for half an hr, ate sauteed onions with ketchup(the only food I have right now), and boy oh boy did we deep clean the house. I mean imagine cleaning a house that probably hasn't been cleaned really well in a few years. It was horrible!!!! I tell you my house now looks and smells a ton better.

 So I found out that a package came for me a few weeks ago and then the AP´s lost it and then it was found and they gave it to my zone leader who lost it who then found it and gave it to some missionaries in another zone who gave it to some missionaries in a city 2 hrs from here who gave it to my zone leaders again who will be giving me the package some time in the next 2 weeks. I hope it never happens again.

 Silvana and Victoria have been faithful with coming to church, but I tell you Satan is working harder than ever to get them discouraged. Time after time we arrive at their house with a preacher or an Apostasy friend (that is what we call them) telling her that we are trying to steal her soul or rob her family or some other stupid thing. Have you every been somewhere where you are fighting with the devil and the spirit is super strong and then you come away feeling tired and worn out? Yup that has been happening.

Well I´ve got to go my fine feathered friends. Email time goes by way too fast. Until Neste Semana!(next week)
Love you all!

-- Elder Spencer Johnson  =)

This is a bit from his chat this morning:
later today I will be teaching a 16 year old boy
Oh man dad 
the work here in Campo MouroĆ£ is exploding
so about 3 months ago the 1 ward here was split into 2 branches
all the members here are really close
the district pres (like a stake pres) and the 2 branch pres and their counselors and us 4 missionaries got together and set some goals
we got permission from the mission pres to start going on splits
(each missionary goes with a melk. holder so there are 4 sets of missionaries)
we will be going every night this week from 6 to 9
to day we are all fasting that we will make our goals
the 2 branches want to become wards
in order to become a ward you need 15 active men
we have more than enough sisters in each ward and really need families and men
my district has 9 active men and the other district has 12
Spencer • 7:35 AM
We are going to go insane in the next few weeks

Spencer • 7:36 AM

Last night the district pres and us 4 missionaries had a meeting
the spirit was insane
we re going to make the goal
we are going to make 2 branches into 2 wards

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