Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 10 Totally the Best Week of My Mission

Monday,  January 2, 2017


This has been the best week ever!!!!!
After an emergency transfer, I found myself 4 hrs south of Londrina in a place called Campo Manow( not sure about the exact spelling). My new comp is E. Montero, he has 54 bap. and has only been on the mission for a year!!!! He is no. 3 in the mission! He also taught English before his mission and so he knows how to teach Portuguese to me really well. As for Portuguese, it is coming along great!!!!! I have been told by a few people that I speak better than someone who took Port. in high school for 4 years!!!

There are 4 missionaries living in my house. Me, my comp, Elder Mortensen(american), and Elder Zombrano(american). Elder Zombrano and I are best friends. Elder Zombrano was one of my CTM district Brothers. I was sooooooo excited when I found out he waas going to be living in the same house. In fact, we share the same bunk bed ( I have the top anfd he has the bottom).

Let me say a few words about New Years around here. I don´t know if I told you all about Christmas and how in my last area (my house was on a hill) when I looked down into the valley it seemed to boil with fire works. Well for get that! From what I hear there are almost 0 firework laws here in Brazil. I believe it!!! All day and night for the past week there have been fireworks going off up until about 15 min before the new year. About 15 min before the new year it got really quiet outside. No fireworks, nothing, not a car drove by on the street below my little apartment 3 stories above the street. I actually thought that I might be able to fall asleep. But....... at exactly 00:00 the whole world exploded. I tell you I thought that Christmas was insane!!!! This was insane X 100!!! It was constant noise and blinding light for 7 min( i watched my watch) I could feel my insides shaking as if a band in a 4th of July parade was in my room!!!! My bedroom was brighter than noon day!!!!! I just lay there in my bed in total awe and shock!!!!!!

Yesterday at dinner time Elder Z and I experimented with food. We were starving and wanted to eat. He was trying to make peanut butter (they hate it around here) by roasting peanuts and crushing them, and I was trying to make fried chicken. WE BOTH SUCCEEDED!!!!! He finally after 2 hrs of crushing and adding a little sugar and syrup (which i made) got some really awesome peanut butter. I, on the other hand, took some chicken, rolled it around in flour and salt and fried it in butter! IT TURNED OUT AWESOME!!! Elder Z sat there in total shock and awe as we ate that fried chicken. It was sooooooo goood! It was juicy not dry!! I was sooo happy with myself!!! We later got my syrup and his peanut butter and dipped apples in the syrup and then rolled it in the peanut butter. It was really good, and today we are buying more ingredients so that we can make more fried chicken and awesome apples.

Well sorry my week wasn´t so interesting I promise it will be better next week!!!!
As the great Tigger once said,
   T T F N.

-- Elder Spencer Johnson  =)

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