Friday, July 14, 2017

Week 36 Reassignment!


I have awesome news!!! 

I was informed this last Tuesday (the great 4TH of JULY) that I will not have to go home over my foot problem but have been reassigned to the Modesto CA Mission!!! 

OH YEAH!!!!!! I CAN`T BELIEVE IT!!!! LISTEN HERE ALL YOU PEOPLE WITH IN SIGHT OF MY TYPING!!!!!  MIRACLES ARE REAL!!!!!!!!!!! I thought, along with many others that I was going to return home early. But now I am not and to plus one everything, my feet have started to improve in ways and speed that testify of God´s power! I am sooo grateful for the power of prayer and fasting.

Sorry it is so short. Love you all!!!!!!

Week 35


This is Elder Johnson, I am doing great! My feet are not much better but after a good fast Sunday yesterday, I feel more comfort about what could happen in the next few weeks concerning my feet. 

This week was kind of crazy. Let's see.............. Made Cinnamon Rolls and had the zone leaders over to eat the m with us. Had an awesome time catching up with my CTM comp. Elder Fattellah who is my new ZL!  Elder Perez (my new comp) Made Tacos and guacamole!!! IT WAS AWESOME! I got very Trunky afterwards thinking of Tucson and Mexican food!

 On Wednesday I made another medical visit for my beautiful feet. The doctor is kind of confused at why I am still in so much pain, and so later today I will be going in to get an MRI! Hopefully that will help us figure things out. 

Our comp Elder F. Perez(you say it like Eh-fee Pe-dee-s) was transferred to a new area to finish the training of a new missionary. The Sr comp. to the new missionary has come to be our new 3rd wheel. His name is Elder Pena. He is known throughout the mission as a massive Fubeca(Slacker) who does not care about rules and most people don´t know why or how he is still serving. We will work with him and get him back on track.

Love you and thank you all for your prayers and fasting, I can feel the strength coming during my struggles. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Week 34


A Happy Birthday to my wonderful Mother this coming 27th of June!!! This week has been a very long but mostly gooooooood week!

 Monday was Transfers and on Tuesday Elder Ostlund and I received a new comp. Yup, we are in a trio now, and it has been GREAT! Our new comp. is Elder F. Perez from México. He is awesome! The reason for the trio is because I have been having trouble with my feet and have not been able to work for about 5 weeks. My comp Elder Ostlund along with myself have been going crazy being at home all day and having that burning desire to get out of the house and work. So the Lord put us into a trio and for 2 days out of this last week, my 2 comps worked the area and I helped out at the mission office.

  Oh, I can´t tell you how good it felt working and doing something again!!! I have been wanting to help the mission and the church in one way or another for weeks. I Organized the supply closet, unpacked mission supplies that had just come in from Salt Lake(Including conference editions that just arrived). 

 I got permission to take a few conference editions home (one in Portuguese and one in English) and since us missionaries in Brasil didn´t get to see the priesthood session My comps and I decided to read talks from that session. I was still looking to a talk to read when my comp told me to read a talk from Elder Bednar. I read it and it comforted me. I have been struggling with doubts and fears for the past week after being told that I might be sent to a new mission. The word of Elder Bednar calmed my soul and I am ready and prepared for anything that happens. 

The shoes that my awesome family sent to me are currently being held for ransom by the Brasilian Police. Man do I love the Police of Brasil right now. My shoes are being held at a price that shocked my president. He has been doing all that he can to get the shoes for me without paying. If it comes to it the money will be paid to the greedy police.

Love you all!! Keep the faith!!! Bring someone to church, or go to church yourself (we want you and love you)!!!

 Remember "Com Sua Força Podemos Fazer Todas as Coisas!"

Love you all!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 33

Howdy All!!

I am happy to report that I am finally over my week and a half long struggle with food poisoning! On Tuesday we had our Zone Conference, at that time I was still suffering from stomach pains and many visits to fire an AK-47 with my Uncle John (painful toilet visits). I had a break on Wednesday from all sickness and thought that my trouble was over. Well towards the end of the day my head really started hurting and I got really lightheaded. That evening I took my temperature and found that my good friend "Mr. Fever" was back. It was only 99.3. Thursday it climbed to a nice 100.5, and Friday I hit 101.8! Saturday I came back down to 99.3 and on Sunday I was well enough to go to church. 

  I am very grateful for the members of the church in this area. Upon hearing that we both were sick and then later that I was having a harder time recovering, many members came to our aid and did their best to help us out and make us comfortable. Friday and Saturday were very crazy days for us. Suddenly Tons of members started coming to the house and asking how we were and wanting to help us. With each member that came over (most of the ward I think. Due to the fact that they can´t help but love the missionaries in their ward right now 😎) they brought a ton of food!! Some members brought bags of food they had just bought!!! Such a blessing!!

 We have been running very low on food since we had to use all our money on a few taxies to the doctor. We had since been praying for ways to find enough money or food to last until June 15th, the day that we receive more money. The thing is, now we have so much food in the house that we have no more room in the fridge and all the cupboards and tables are full of food. We are so very grateful.

  Here in Brasil it is just starting to get cold.Winter is finally kicking in. I never thought it could get this cold here. At this moment my hands are cramping and stiff from the cold. It has been really cold at night. If you look up pictures of Londrina Brasil you will see that all the buildings (both ugly and pretty) are built out of this red clay brick. That red clay brick is the only thing between the outside cold and what warmth you are able to gather under the blanket with wool socks and jacket.

 Don´t worry I will live. I am not about to wimp out after all the crazy adventures I have been on with my family over the years. I mean I have had times in my life where my fingers are so frozen that it is almost impossible to untie my snow boots!

  In the past few weeks as I have been studying, one key word keeps popping up.
 Fé or Faith. To tell the Truth, Faith has always been one of my favorite gospel topics and principle. As I have been studying I have found myself in the direction of studying Faith. In the past few weeks I have been receiving emails and letters and in one way or another, they all mention or teach of Faith! I notice more and more how much the scriptures talk about faith and I have started marking the word faith every time I come across it in my studies.

 One of the key truths that I keep coming across is that "Faith is Power', and that it is only by Faith that we can do or learn anything. As many of you know one of my favorite scriptures and the scripture that is on my mission plaque is Alma 26:12. The part of that scripture that I love the most is where it says that "By the strength of the Lord we can do all things". 

To me what that scripture now means is "By the strength of the Lord, and our faith, We can do all things".  Remember, Faith is an Action word! And that it is only after all that we can do that the Lord will step in and fill the rest. It opens my eyes more to how I can go forward in more of God's strength. 

I love you all! Thank you all for your prayers! Remember that it is by Faith in the Lord Jesus Cristo, and his Strength that you can do all things!!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Week 32

Howdy All!!

2 main things have happened to me this past week.

1. I made a visit to a clinic and found that (according to the doctor) I have an unusually high arch in both my feet. This here arch problem is only received genetically and may be the cause of all my foot pain. After the exam the doctor sent us over to the hospital where I received a few x-rays. We sat in the hospital forever waiting because the people at the hospital had to adjust the x-ray stuff so that I could receive the x-rays standing up like the doctor had asked. I thought that was kind of cool. 

 Just after leaving the hosp. it was just after 2pm. We were starving and the members had given us some money to buy our lunch. As we came out of the hosp. we saw just across the street and the only place selling food. Subway! Aw yeah!! I hadn´t been there since I had been in the states and it had also been a very long time since he had been there. We both got the Wednesday deal. Chicken Ranch!!! DUN, DUN, DUUUUUUN!!!! Very good to have a 30cm whole wheat bun loaded with rarely eaten veggies and chicken and ranch.

After that awesome meal, we got a ride home by Taxi. The driver turned out to be a member!

Ok, now the 2nd part of my week. It started on Thursday with really bad Hershey squirts that are still in effect today! The next day it turned into hot and fiery squirts with really bad chills!! Saturday, I had a fever of a steady 100.4 all day. That evening my comp. called in to sister Pereira to ask how to take care of me. She said she wanted me to go into the hosp. so they could pump me full of fluids and other stuff to clean me out, and to check for Dengue. I was having one symptom the past few days that could have suggested that it was dengue. I was having really bad burning in my eyes. I am not sure how to explain it other than it felt like I had a combination of salt, hand sanitizer and shampoo in my eyes. weird. Anyway we went in and after receiving a ton of tests that I probably didn´t need, receiving an IV(yikes!), and receiving a few meds for a throat infection(that you can see if you use a flashlight and a stick) we finally got home at almost 2 am by President and his wife. President and his wife sent us home with some soup and a few bags of very needed food. They are so Awesome!!

I encourage you all to read one of my new favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. Jãcob 4. This is a really cool chapter. The verse that stuck out to me is verse 13. It talks about how the spirit testifies only of truth. It is by the spirit that we can be guided and we can trust that he is leading us the right direction.

Love you all. As always, thanks for the prayers and fasting. They are needed and felt.

The Subway that later tried to kill us both.  (My hair sucks)
Meds, meds, oh how I love my meds! (For food poisoning)

My district leader is on the far right, his comp is in the middle, and my comp on the left.

The best picture of all titled "The Clown and the Savage"

Oh yeah, brothers!

Sofa we made out of 5 extra mattresses

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week 31

Howdy all!

I have great news for everyone! Other than the fact that I am still recovering from my pineapple consumption 8 days ago (one thing led to another and I currently am suffering from a cold). I am great! I have had a good week this week. 

A few points from this week:
I got a new haircut!!
I am sleeping very well!! (thanks only to prayers and fasting)
I am feeling happy and full of new energy!!!
I am preparing to give a training at District meeting tomorrow!!!
I have a few photos for you today!!!

My comp Elder Ostlund
Me and my new haircut


Love you all, have a good week. I promise that next weeks message will be more Salty!

Week 30

Stay Away from Brazilian Pineapple!!!!

It tastes awesome but it is deadly!! About a week n a half ago I made some awesome pineapple, mango, banana, with lime smoothie that my comp and I drank. I loved the thing but he hated it because the acid was so strong it somehow burned his throat and I was somehow able to drink it and be perfectly fine. I should have taken the hint that maybe if I were to eat it by itself I might turn out like my comp. who had a sore throat and a hoarse cough for the next week and a half.

On this last Sunday we had an awesome lunch with some members after stake conference. After a very good meal the sister brought out some freshly cut, ripe pineapple. I said "Pineapple is my favorite fruit!!" and I received a massive wonderful plate full.

As you can probably imagine, I was overjoyed and I dug in. Bad choice! In the moment when I was eating it I loved every bite. It was juicy and had more flavor than I had ever remembered a pineapple having. Everyone who eats a ton of pineapple knows that after a while your tongue will get a little sore from the acid. But this pineapple was more than a little strong on the acidy side.

 It has been less than 24hrs and I croak like a frog, everything on the inside of my mouth and throat kills.  I am starting to get a cough and I think all this is triggering one of my many ear infections that I am prone to.

  Well that is my current state of life. I have some good news for you all. Thanks to fasting prayers and a lot of faith I am doing a lot better with past problems. for example, I slept every night this past week!!! I am feeling a lot better with more energy but am still a little on the sickly side.
Love you all!! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 29

Howdy All!!

This is Elder Johnson way down south in Londrina Brazil!!! So far down south that I can´t see the big dipper! And without the big dipper I can´t find the North Star!!!

 I had an awesome video chat session with the family Sunday night!! It was so good to see the whole family! All my little siblings are growing up! 

This last week I received a new comp!!!! His name is Elder Emanual, he was my first zone leader when I arrived into the mission! He is known as the best missionary in the mission. It is good to be with a missionary that does things right. He keeps the rules, and works very hard. I 100% feel like a true missionary.

We had a good week this week that consisted in lots of learning, contacting and teaching!
Love you all and Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mothers out there! 

Week 28

I tell you, in the US it is soooooo hard to see this here Owl. But here in Brazil, it is so easy to see. For example, in Brazil you see these owls like you see lizards in Arizona.

 Had another Bap this fine week. We have had 1 bap every week for the past 5 weeks!!!! Today is transfers and I am receiving a new comp!!! My new comp is one of my best friends and a brother Elder Emanual from just north of the D.C temple in Marland!

 I feel awesome right now. It has been a horrible week health wise but last night I was able to sleep!! For the first time in weeks I was able to sleep the whole night!!! Thank you all for all your fasting and prayers! I would like to testify to you all about the power of fasting. Yesterday I could slowly feel my pain leaving, and feel the new energy and strength of God coming into my body.  Today I am full of energy and only have a little pain in my feet. I feel relaxed and ready to start this new week running.

Love you all!! Remember, By the strength of God we can do all things!!!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 27

This has been a long painful week. And let me tell you, when I say long and painful I mean looooonnnnngggg and painful! Let me tell you all a little something. Since I have come to the mission I have gotten sick many times and usually I am not feeling very good. In the 6 1/2 months I have been in Brazil I have had 5 hospital visits!!!!!! I think that is more times then my siblings have gone to the hospital in the past 10 years!!!! In the past 7 days I have received a total of about 15hrs of sleep, and once again tomorrow I am going into a clinic to get things checked out (this will be the 3rd time I have been to a clinic this fine month).

 I believe it is a test of my faith. Believe me, it is testing my faith 100%. I have been struggling with sleep for about the past 4 to 4 1/2 weeks, but this past week has been the worst! In the past 6 months, I have almost constantly had a cold or suffered from a fever or have had to stay close to a toilet or be at least a 5 min walk from one, along with many other things. 

I don´t have much time today. My wonderful comp gave me about 30 min to do all my emailing.

 But I would like to Testify to you all today mostly about one thing found in the Book of Mormon, in the book of Alma chapter 26 verse 12. It pretty much says that "BY THE STRENGTH OF GOD WE CAN DO ALL THINGS!" I don't know how I am able to keep going every day. This week I have had days where I have anywhere from 1 to 0 hrs of sleep. But even after all that and not feeling well, I am able to get up, study, and walk very far with my body full of energy. I am able to talk, I am able to teach, I am able to walk and run, I am able to go go go all day and somehow not die!!! 

When I get home I am so tired and my head hurts so bad and I ache, but somehow (and I know how) I am able to keep going!!!! To all my friends and family, please if you are having a hard day or don´t think you can keep going, get on your knees and pray for strength. If you do this and have faith God will give you the strength to do this thing!

 I found a quote this week that I love.

 PRAYER.... If life gets too hard to stand, KNEEL!

Love you all, I must go!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week 26

Howdy all!!! I hit my ¨6 month mark this last Tuesday!!!
It has been a fast but full week!!! 

Last Sunday I made cinnamon rolls and took them to my district meeting! That was a great idea :/ Yes they were awesome and everyone loved them, but afterward they all asked that I bring them to the next district meeting (that is tomorrow) and last night my district leader called and told me that they are all expecting cinnamon rolls. I will try to make them later today.

  My comp and I once again had the opportunity to help bring someone into the waters of baptism this last Sunday. Little Reverson Jr. (sounds like heverson). Reverson is a normal little 8 year old kid, but his bap was not normal. His Bap was scheduled for sat. at 7pm. He got into the water with his father, and for the next 2 hrs they were in the water together. Poor little Reverson was horrified to put his head under the water. Over and over and over again they said the prayer. It was soon too late to continue. The next day (Sunday) we figured out how to get the font to fill with hot water! After church we once more tried to have him baptized. Even with the water warm he was still horrified to put his head under the water. After over an hr of trying, his father picked him up and cradled him in his arms, and talked with him for a long time. The father then holding little Reverson, said the prayer and they both went completely under the water.

The work in this area is awesome! We have struggled a little bit to get the members to help us due to some troubles. With the few members that have been helping and supporting us we have received a ton of referrals and have a lot of progressing investigators! We have baptism dates set for the next 2 weekends!

This week I went on divisions with the district leader's comp. My district leader is from Argentina and speaks Spanish and went with my comp to help teach an investigator from Argentina who only speaks Spanish. Well cool fact, the district leader's area is where I was for my first 4 weeks of the mission field. So I got to go walk the streets of my first area and sleep in the same bed that I slept in when I was born into this wonderful mission!

Love you all so much! Thank you for the prayers, I can feel myself strengthened by them! So sorry for the short dry message, I will do better next week.

Love you all!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 25

Howdy All!!!

Tell me how this sounds! Carrots, orange, lime, mango, spinach, strawberries yogurt, and bananas all blended up in a smoothie! Sound good? Believe it or not, it is pretty good. I have lived off of pretty much a ton of fruit and veggie smoothies along with some good egg omelets for breakfast, and last night I made some awesome cinnamon rolls for my district meeting tomorrow!! 

Life is great here in Londrina, the work is going awesome and we had a baptism yesterday!! We have another one planned for this coming Sunday as well. The work is going great! The members are really helping us out. A week ago we had a baptism that was the first the ward had had in about 5 months! We have baptism dates set for every Sunday for the next 3 Sundays!!!

 Well, Exactly 6 months ago today I left my a beautiful home in the United States of America. Tomorrow will be exactly 6 months in Brazil! In that time I have learned Portuguese, have walked a ton, taught a ton, had very little sleep and not much food, and have been privileged to baptize 14 wonderful people!!! 

I got a really scary video of something this week!!!!! Any clue what it might be?!!! I gave myself a haircut using R$2 scissors and my blue comb!!!! It was either spend money on some lunch food and cut my own hair or go hungry for 1 day and spend R$20 on a haircut. To tell you the truth it turned out pretty good! I think it looks good! well good for really cheap scissors and a mirror. Look closely at the pictures of me and my comp with the awesome cinny rolls I made last night and tell me if my hair is any good! 
Love you all, I promise I will have a longer letter next week!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 24

Talk about a Looooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg week!

It feels like this last week has been the longest in the mission!
I sadly can´t send pictures this week because the computer doesn't have an input for an SD card and I don´t have the correct cables to hook up to the computer. =(

So on Monday I was transferred here to Vivi Xavier. I was surprised when I was notified that I was riding first class on a bus that would only take 1 1/2 hrs from Maringá to Londrina instead of the normal multi hr trip. Man I tell you my seat was like a couch that turned into a bed!!!!

I miss Campo Mourão a ton and for the first few days I was pretty Campo Mourão sick.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to baptize 14 year old young woman who had been going to church and begging her parents for permission to be baptized for 4 months. I have never seen someone so happy to be baptized in my life.
Well I have got to go, sorry the letter is so dry and short. I am off to go buy 3 pineapples for $R10!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Week 23

Howdy All!!!

My email will be very short today due to the fact that it is transfers!!!! 

I am leaving this awesome city of Campo Mourão and going about 6hrs north back to Londrina. My new area is Vivi Xavier, Zona Tiradentes! My new comp was my comps trainer!!! Looks like I will be hanging with my "Grandpa" in the mission. Can I tell you something kind of cool? My "Great Grandpa"  in the mission is the highest baptizer in the mission! My Grandpa in the mission (new comp) is the 2nd highest baptizer in the mission, and my father in the mission (current comp until 2 this afternoon) is the 3rd highest baptizer. My new comp has over 100 baptisms according to my comp!!! Crazy if you ask me!

I was smart and packed most of my stuff last night, so I will be able to walk around a bit and say bye to converts and members. I am so at peace right now. For awhile I was really nervous about what this next transfer would bring but after an amazing General Conference where I had a ton of questions answered, and a lot of prayers I am at peace with whatever the Lord puts into my path.

I love you All, and will be emailing you soon!!! I AM GOING BACK TO LONDRINA!!!!! WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Mom here are the things I think you were talking about. they are called Brigaderos. They are stinkin amazing. I found these at a conferencier that were cheap. These are a little smaller than a tennis ball! Yum Yum!!!

 They turned out amazing and were eaten during the Sat afternoon session with us 4 missionaries my American branch pres and his Brazilian wife.
Man does this family make awesome food. The 17 year old boy and I went on a full day of slits together one day. He will make a awesome missionary. the dad is not a member of the church, and is amazing at the BBQ.

We were able to watch conference in ENGLISH!!! I missed the first talk of the first session :( Conference was amazing and the spirit was strong. I received many answers to questions this conference

They call him João Hallelujah. He is a friend to everyone and is known among the poor as a brother and friend who brings a ton of food to the poorest people spending money from his own pocket(he is not a rich person) He is an awesome friend to the missionaries and is willing to help at the drop of a hat

My 2 favorite People in the world! Pres. Tyler Jones from Spokane, Washington and his wife Natalia who is from Campo Mourão.

           Missão Brasil Londrina

       Rua Belo Horizonte, 1236 - Centro
         Londrina / PR Cep: 86020-060

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 22

Howdy All!! 

This is Elder Johnson in Campo Mourão Brazil!!!

Not sure if I will be able to email next week cause of the fact that transfers are next Monday!
Exciting and scary!! This last week has been a long week and I haven´t been able to teach as much as I was hoping for. Due to some money issues I was stuck in another area 2 hrs away from my area with a missionary(not my comp) who liked to sleep all day. >(

Let me tell you all about this last Tuesday. Tuesday was a good day and a bad day and a super embarrassing day. This is how it went down. We had our district meeting in my area and afterwards the 6 of us in my district went to a member's house for lunch. Irama Luiz (I am not kidding she has got to be between 3 1/2 and 4 feet tall) made us an awesome meal. I have rice every day here but her rice was awesome. She had steamed veggies in the rice which is a rare treat (to me at least, the other elders hated the veggies). This is where theembarrassingg part comes in.

 I was stuffed. I was to the popping point. I had had a few plates of the awesome rare rice and the even rarer huge green salad! She (like all the awesome members here) said "come mais Elder" this is where you say that you are satisfied and thank them for the food. Right before I answered her my comp. said "Elder remember the word that I taught you before lunch that is more polite." I said ok and said the following, "Irama, eu esto gravida." She stopped and just gave me a weird look for a moment and said "que?" I said "Irama, eu esto gravida. Muito brigato por seua comeda." At the moment I was not sure what I had said wrong and she acted upset and mumbled something as she walked over to me and put the rest of the meat and rice on my plate and told me to eat every bite.

I was flabbergasted! I was already stuffed to my popping point, and all I had said was that I was very grateful for her awesome food (or so I thought). The 5 other Elders were dying and she was upset. I was so shocked and tried to eat all the food. To tell you the truth I dont think that I have ever eaten that much food in my life. The elders soon stopped laughing at me after she did some snapping at them. After a few minutes my comp told me that he was sorry and that he really felt bad and as soon as we left  he would tell me what I had said. At that moment I totaly thought I could feel my stomach tearing inside of me. The other elders felt bad for me and when Irama Luiz walked out of the room for a minute all the elders quickly took the rest of my food and put it onto their plates and ate it.

 A little later when we left my comp. told me that I had told her that I was Pregnant!!!! Man I love my comp! This is not the first time that he has told me a word that means something weird to tell the members at lunch.

An Elder gave me a haircut. Not the best haircut I have ever received, in fact it is the worst. I will let it grow out for a few weeks before I send pictures. All I will say is that I look a little on the gay side.

Love you all,

           Missão Brasil Londrina

       Rua Belo Horizonte, 1236 - Centro
         Londrina / PR Cep: 86020-060


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 21

Howdy all!!! 

This is Elder Johnson in Campo Mourão, Brazil!

Good news!!!!! It is finally Fall!!!!! We have had some really nice days! I am not sure what the temperature has been like but it feels like it is in the mid 70´s with really low humidity!!! Man talk about crazy. One day it is smoken hot and humid and the last few days have been perfect fall days with beautiful temperatures. Brazil dosen´t like to slowly blend one season into another. It likes to be smoking hot one day with nights so hot and sticky humid that you cant sleep, and then the next day perfect temperatures but with nights so cold that you can't get warm. 

  Work has been slow this week. We didn´t teach a single lesson, but did a ton of walking. We traveled to Maringá this week for a zone confrence. It was a zone/health conference and we were in the conference for 10 hrs Minus 1 1/2 for lunch.

On Friday Elder Zambrano and his comp Elder King had a baptism! This transfer has been really slow. Satan is really working hard. We only had 1 person at church this last Sunday. Only 1 more week of the transfer!!! Time is flying by.

Elders King and Zambrano(the one baptizing) baptized a 19 year old named Lenardo who is on fire. We have all been able to help teach him at one time or another and they were always awesome lessons. This guy is really smart and there was always an amazing spirit when we were teaching him lessons (I participated in 2 lessons)

                                                                                           Elder King and I

Elder Mortensen (stepmother) and I

This made my day!

The best food I have had in a very long time!

My brother and best friend Elder Zambrano and me sitting on a bus on our way to Maringá  

My 3 best friends(from left to right) Elder King(Las Vegas) Elder Monteiro(São Paulo) Elder Zambrano(1hr south of LA) 

Me (the only good looking Elder)

Played Portuguese Monopoly this week and I won!!