Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 8 A Vida é Boa!!!!

Now it came to pass that in the latter end of the 7th year of the reign of Obama, it being the 19th day of the 12th month 2016 years after the birth of Christ, I Elder Johnson did write somewhat concerning my past week. And now these are the words which I did write,

 And now after I Elder Johnson had had a very eventful P-day, I did return to mine own house. And upon returning to mine own house I did change my clothes and did go out onto the streets of Cambé, Brazil and I did contact people.  And it came to pass that we did contact 20 and 4 persons in the space of not many hours.

 Now it did come to pass that on the morning I did rise early that I might prepare to go find and to teach people. But behold I did have a great pain in my head, and also in my throat and I had pains and aches throughout my whole body. Yea, and there were great rumblings and pains in the lower half of my body insomuch that it did cause me to sit upon my uncle johns firing an AK-47 for many long painful periods of time.

 And it came to pass that as I was thus conversing with my uncle john, behold my comp. did call the mission pres. wife and did tell her concerning my pains and sufferings. And it came to pass thet they did worry much for they both supposed that I had Dungue fever, according to my many symptoms. 

 Now the presidnet's wife said unto my comp, Go ye therefore and take Elder Johnson to a small hospital which is but a small distance away and see ye if he has Dungue. Now when she has said these things my comp did say unto me: Behold a member of the church awaits outside and he will take us in his chariot to a nearby hospital. 

Now after we had been shown into the doc's office he did examine me. And after much examination he did say unto me that I did not have dungue but that I had an infected throat, and he did give me some pills. Now I will tell you somewhat concerning these pills, for inasmuch as I did take them my sickness did not leave my body but the zits that were upon my face did leave.

 And now on the morrow when my comp had seen that my sickness had worsened he called the miss. pres. wife. And when she had heard all that he had to say she did call my zone leader and did say unto him: Behold take E. Johnson into the great city Londrina to a larger hospital and see if he has dungue!!!

 And now once arriving at the hospital they did take some blood to test and did place an iv in my arm. And behold the iv did remove much of the pain that I felt. And now after many hours the doc did return and did say that I did not have dungue but that my pains and sufferings were caused by tap water that I did drink. And they did forbid me to drink any water that came from a tap filtered or not. 

And behold, once I did return home I found that some safe water to drink had been sent to my home. And I was sick in total for 3 and 1/2 days. 

 And it came to pass that on Saturday, Raissa, she being 11 years of age, having desires to come unto Christ and be baptized did come to the church at an appointed time and I did baptize her.

Now behold, these are the words that I did write concerning my week.

Elder Johnson with Raissa

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