Thursday, November 17, 2016

Week 4

Howdy all!!!!

This is Élder Johnson way down south in São Paulo Brazil in the CTM!!! 
P-Day is a day early because Elder Runland from the quorum of the 12 will be here tomorrow! Everyone is soooooo excited! On Sunday we had Elder Nelson of the 70 here and he gave an awesome priesthood lesson and later an awesome talk.

 I spent a few days sick with a sinus and ear infection. I only spent one day in bed when the doc. told me to. On Saturday my district is being plopped out in the middle of downtown São Palo to hand out Books of Mormon!!!

One of the sisters in the district spent a day in the hospital and has to be in a wheel chair for a week! She has a pinched nerve  in her back. :/ 

I only have 1 1/2 weeks left!!! It is so crazy at how fast time flies!!!! Seems like I was typing an update yesterday! Next P-day will be my last in the CTM. Wow! I can´t believe it!
Well time flies, got to go!
-- Elder Spencer Johnson  =

Friday, November 11, 2016

Week 3

Oi!!!(hi in Portuguese)

This is Élder Johnson at the São Paulo CTM in Brazil!!
Not much happened this week other than the same old same old.
We did get a ton of rain the other day! Imagine it raining cats and dogs for a few hrs with constant lightning. Today is the first truly hot and humid day. 

Oh I almost forgot! Something cool did happen this week. 

1. I and the rest of my district were dropped off in the middle of downtown São Paulo and were given 3 Book of Mormon each!!!! I gave out 2!!!! I had a gift of tounges moment when a boy my age came up and asked for one, he told me that when he looked at us he had a good feeling and felt like he needed our book. I TOTALLY UNDERSTOOD HIM!!!!! I stood there for a second not able to comprehend what had just happened and wasn't able to understand much after that.

 2. My trio (3 missionaries together) was split. =( A visa waiter from Provo MTC came. It is now just me and Élder Fattaleh. 

3. One of the instructors asked me to write my testimony in English for her because she has a friend who is from the states who she wanted to give a Book of Mormon to. About 2 hrs after I gave her my testimony she came in and told all of us (my district and I) that he had accepted it and was really excited. The next day she came back and said that he was reading the Book of Mormon. And then the next day she said that he wants to meet me! I am going to go meet him later today. 

Love you all
-- Elder Spencer Johnson  =)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 2

Friday, November 4, 2016

And do you know what that means?!!!!
It means wake up at 5:15 shower, eat, drive 30 min to the temple, do a session, come home(CTM) email for 45min, eat lunch, go out on the streets for a few hrs and buy stuff, come home and nap. Eat dinner, exercise, relax, have district study, and go to bed. This week has been crazy fast!! The weeks since I have got here have flown by faster than any weeks I can remember. My days are crazy!! Imagine sitting for about 15 hrs a day praying that you don't get blood clots in your legs from not moving, and studying harder than you have ever in your life. 

I am really excited for tomorrow!!! My district is being plopped out in the middle of São Paulo and we are given 3 hrs and 3 Book of Mormon to place. The Portuguese has been coming slow and hard. But it is coming. It will come, I have faith that it will.
-- Love you all
-- Elder Spencer Johnson  =)